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A society where everybody has the skills, confidence and desire to speak in public. This Master Class is for anyone looking to polish public speaking skills. This transformational course is designed to allow you to deliver effective presentations to suit every audience and industry.

The School of Public Speaking master class provides an extensive, in-depth learning experience that builds key skills over a period of one month.  These classes are limited to 15 participants.  We will work with you and your fellow participants in an intimate setting that encourages fast learning, active skill growth, personalized coaching, and valuable peer feedback. You will learn how to deliver presentations in real-time settings with the ability to react and adapt to new data which will justify the audience’s time.

Ideal for those looking to transform sales results, build leadership skills or accelerate career success, these training sessions initiate participants into the wide, wonderful world of effective public speaking. Our course outline includes:

  • The Art of Effective Public Speaking
  • A Practical Study of Good Speakers
  • Relaxation Techniques to Calm Nerves
  • Team Presentations

Active participation, real-life scenarios and constructive feedback give participants essential skills for their public speaking toolkits, which can be applied straight away.

One-month training sessions

Our monthly classes are held on Mondays from 17:30hrs – 19:30hrs OR Saturdays from 10:00 hrs to 12:00hrs. Please note that each class is a separate registration.

After taking this course you will learn how to:

  • Grow your confidence and feel comfortable presenting to diverse audiences
  • Deliver presentations in conference with high impact and in an enjoyable way
  • Communicate persuasively and effectively in general
  • Articulate thoughts and express clearly for increased effectiveness
  • Deliver effective speeches
  • Develop your unique presenting style using your personality, natural traits and talents
  • Remove nervousness, fear and anxiety
  • Tailor your speech to changing reactions of an audience


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