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Established in 2012, the School of Public Speaking has become a go to public speaking and presentation skills training resource for business people, policy makers and individuals from around the nation. We live and breathe educating others on the skills of public speaking, leadership and communication. Our mission is to deliver the skills of effective public speaking and communication to maximise your success as a speaker and aleader. Our trainers are active public speakers, (including award-winning and National Speech champions) and each remains an avid student of the subject as well as a qualified teacher/trainer/instructor. With years of experience across these disciplines, (both nationally and internationally), each delivery is well researched, up to date and full of practical advice and experience. We remain totally dedicated to this fascinating field.

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Blessing Mandipira
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blessing mandipira
Coach Blessing Mandipira

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Today's quick-paced and fluid work environment can mean fast and frequently unexpected organizational changes, greater responsibilities, and new projects and initiatives. In order to communicate such matters effectively and persuasively, being a confident, polished speaker is not only well advised, but necessary. 

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This highly interactive skills-based course is exclusively designed for our MasterClass graduates who want to refine their presentations and accelerate their public speaking skills to the next level. The program builds on the competencies learnt in the MasterClass and helps you discover, review and practice the essential techniques 

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Building on from our Intermediate Public Speaking and Presentation Skills course, our Advanced training is exclusively designed for our intermediate master class graduates who want to refine their presentations and add to their speaking skill set. Using our 30-70 rules.

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