How to conquer public speaking anxiety. You can do it!
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How to conquer public speaking anxiety. You can do it!

Learn how to easily captivate & connect with anyone - then use our proven Public speaking skills to win people over and grow your influence fast! in your career lane.

The Genesis of Every Single Connection in Our Lives centres on our skills to elucidate through our oratory skills

“Emotional bids are the genesis of every single connection in our lives.” – AJ Harbinger

You had a long day at work. You got stuck in rush hour and hit every red light. You finally got home, made yourself comfortable with a cup of coffee complemented with queen cakes, and started that latest show your friends have been raving about. It’s getting to the climax of the first episode when your significant other walks through the door and exclaims, “I had the WORST day today!”

She expressed an emotional bid how she messed up her presentation in front of her stakeholders at work, and how you respond to her also can determine whether the relationship will last.

As humans, we all want to be seen and heard. We want our experiences and feelings validated so we can feel good about ourselves and how we’re navigating this crazy ride called life. But asking people to acknowledge us and our experiences requires vulnerability. And that can be scary. Scary, because we are opening ourselves up to judgment and criticism.

“Vulnerability is a scary thing. So we package it in an emotional bid, like a spark of vulnerability hidden in an ordinary sentence.” – Michael Herold

We all use emotional bids in different ways, in all kinds of social interactions consider come to cultivate your speaking skills with The School of Public Speaking .

In fact, this is so important at The School of Public Speaking, we have regular live workshops to practice finding and developing the best in you through communication skills – and ;how best to react in both commercial and social setups. All while practicing with a group of lovely peers, under the supervision of a fabulous coach that gives them real time feedback.

We all want to be seen and heard. It is one of the most basic needs we experience as humans. This can be a terrifying world to live in, and sometimes the only thing a person wants is to know they’re not alone in this crazy universe, The School of Public Speaking is there for you to turn away your mess into a message that captivate the audience.

If you’d like to learn more about how to conquer the anxiety in public speaking , check out our latest YouTube episodes on various subjects of Public Speaking!

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