Public Speaking Graduation Ceremony will lit the candles and leave them forever burning
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Public Speaking Graduation Ceremony will lit the candles and leave them forever burning

Be anticipating for the day that will bring goose bumbs and blow many to the roof top. The graduation is now at hand i hope you're counting; The School of Public Speaking has brought a joyful therapy in improving professionals and leaders to become world class speakers .Calling that the day shall be lit understates the amusing moment at hand , having not only a special but honourable guest Deputy Minister Tinotenda Machakaira .

This is a day to congratulate public speakers for managing to reach the pinnacle , in this life changing experience .The confidence, the precision , the energy , the eloquence , brilliance , and unity the public speakers draw from the floaded cirsten of Coach Blessing Mandipira is overwhelming.The MasterClass was not some self-help or any 101 course but a daring experience in which deserves to be honoured.

Many Speakers shall note and reflect their backgrounds; and how they looked and sounded in oration was affecting their reception in corporate society and social lives , were often judgement on who we're is encapsulated amd premised in what we speak when we engage with others. Nonetheless this class has made drastic changes by empowering professionals to set an extra-edge in their careers.

As our log and symbolic inspiration is the King of the Jungle the lion; it may not be the biggest, the strongest , or the fastest in the ecosystem , but when it sees the biggest animals , like elephant it does not fret , it reflect to it as an opportunity to shine.The lion mirrors a strategic perspective towards life in which The School of Public Speaking has endorsed to conquer the the fear of expressing ourselves in public .

The Executive Coach Blessing Mandipira , affectionately called the " African Les brown or Archduke of Charisma " He is at loss of words even to comment how he feels having transformed thousands of lives to find a better place in the corporate world.He takes no credit despite the flood of appreciation that is poured down on him.He has counseled his mentees and trainees is not only to speak but to make sense and retain class that last.

He has also reiterated : What you become in the next five years will depend on the book you read and people you engage ; in fact he has put that if you surround yourself with four negative people ; soon you'll become the fifth .

Coach Blessing Mandipira launched ; an exclusive closet with well enriched and inexpensive books on personal development for entrepreneurs and leaders , those with the zast to grow.Amongst his best selections he authored a pen fattening book a tool to eradicate verbal viruses; he encourages everybody to grab "How to Dazzle Your Audience" .It will be available on sale on the day of graduation and together with premium valued p development oriented books, remember reading widens your minds, extends its faculties and you will never be the same.

The graduation will be blazing , the day will connect the missing dots .The School of Public Speaking impact leaders to be change-makers in society through extensive communications skills.

Consider joining our MasterClass programme that aims to transform the landscape of participants, unearthing leadership potential and placing such leaders in decision making position in their fields of expertise for maximum impact.

As Coach Blessing Mandipira says ; if you're not at the table , you're on the menu.Its about time for all of us to be at the table and in fact , at the head of the table. |
Join the Pride and See you at the Top.

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